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About Howard Industries

Howard Industries is delighted to be celebrating its 88th Anniversary. We are proud to be the industry leader in Architectural Signage, both custom and modular systems. With humble beginnings in 1928, when Howard Schneider was hand painting signs in his Rochester, New York home basement; Howard Industries has grown and transitioned immensely throughout the last 90 years.

Then, taking his chances with the relatively new technology of neon signage, Howard Schneider uprooted his family in the early 1940s and relocated to Erie, Pennsylvania in hopes of establishing himself as a signage manufacturer and installer. Since then Howard Industries has evolved into the signage industry innovator and leader it is today, manufacturing both interior and exterior architectural signage systems, comprised of over 120 of our proprietary aluminum extrusions and distributing them nationwide.


We are a Sign Manufacturer

Continually striving to better our products and our production processes, Howard Industries has recently adopted and implemented LEAN Manufacturing Ideology within our workplace. Collaborating as a team and conceiving time-saving, innovative ideas and applying them to our day to day manufacturing procedures has given us the opportunity to expand both technologically and developmentally.

Proudly manufacturing 100% USA Made Signage Products, our employees are passionate and dedicated to bringing you and your clients the best interior and exterior architectural signage systems the industry has to offer. Our skilled designers and craftsmen are consistently training and obtaining up-to-date knowledge concerning new materials and processes in effort to strengthen our signage product lines.

At Howard Industries we work hand in hand with you to meet your every expectation, provide you with the highest level of product quality and unsurpassed customer service. We proudly stand behind the integrity of our products, our people and service. Give us a call and let us be your trusted sign manufacturer.

Howard Industries
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